Wendie Pett

Briefly describe yourself.

I’m a mom to an incredible son. I love adventure, travel, anything active outdoors and I enjoy new experiences. Laughter is my only form of medicine. I’m into being Visibly Fit™, enjoy juicing and eating clean! My passion is assisting others with life transformation to also become Visibly Fit™ mind, body, and spirit. I’m a lover of Jesus Christ and of all people! I’m madly in love with the man of my dreams. All in all – I’m blessed!
What’s your current profession?

I’m a TV host, author, speaker, coach, trainer, and creator of the Visibly Fit™ exercise program. I don’t view what I do as a profession…it is my passion!

Do you have a website?


What are your top 3 achievements?

My top achievement would be the birth of my son! He’s my pride and joy and I’m so grateful that God has blessed me with such a loving and compassionate young man. My next top achievement would be the birth of my business years ago in a time that looked bleak and seemed like so many odds against me. But, God is good and has given me favor, grace, and mercy! The 3rd achievement is one that continues daily…it’s the reward of coaching others and seeing their success in becoming Visibly Fit™ mind, body and spirit! Having a national TV show as a platform is a blessing. I beam from ear to ear when I see lives transformed in a mighty way! A ripple effect is literally created when people choose to be the best version of themselves.

Please tell us about your educational background.

I attended the University of North Texas in Denton, TX. Go Eagles! Then received a Doctor of Naturopathy degree from Trinity School of Natural Health. I’ve been a student of physical culture for as far back as I can remember teaching dance (tap, jazz, ballet, and baton), aerobics, yoga, and my Visibly Fit™ techniques of using your body as your gym!

Please tell us more about your family, with whom you are closest?

My family is a funny bunch! I love them all dearly. My father is a simple man from which I’ve learned patience and peace. He worked for Ford Motor Company for 40 years. My mom is a giver and has a big heart from which I learned compassion and empathy towards others. My sister is my only sibling and is almost 8 years younger. Considering the age gap we get along great and enjoy our time together. She’s married and has a daughter and a son that are adorable. My son and I are a great team and my goal is to continue to raise him up as a Godly man and to be a change maker!

What kind of modeling/spokesperson projects have you done?

I’ve done TV commercials, print ads, radio, spokesperson on Shop NBC for a couple different companies/products, I have a national television program called Visibly Fit™ with Wendie Pett where I’m the host, I’ve been in fitness books, DVDs, and magazines (Women’s Health and Fitness, Best Ever You, Networking Times, and more).

What kind of philanthropic/fundraising work have you done?

I’ve gone on mission trips to Belize to assist the poor and help educate the women and children in the villages. I’m involved with Jesus Daily to assist in raising money for their ministry for others to know and receive Christ.

My heart bleeds for single moms and children in need from all walks of life. http://www.grace-n-action.org supplies single moms and children in need with tools and a “hand up” to get them out of their current circumstance. Gospel for Asia is another incredible ministry in which I support 100% http://www.gfa.org/wendiepett. Lives are being saved and transformed!

What are your favorite platforms or which charitable organizations you admire most?
Christian Women in Media, Jesus Daily and The NRB Network

Gospel for Asia – www.gfa.org/wendiepett
This organization mentors women that have lost hope. Many women are viewed as a curse and are treated without dignity. They are forced to have an abortion if carrying a baby girl, they are beaten, kicked out into the streets to live homeless, shunned by their community, forced into prostitution, and the suicide rate is 10 times higher than the average around the world in desperation to escape their pain. Gospel for Asia assists…there is a way out that offers joy and happiness!

Do you have any interest in politics?

As a business owner…YES! I get pretty fired up about several issues. Healthcare being one of them!

What’s your dream job?

My dream “job” is doing what I’m doing now! It’s not a job, but a passion and a love I have for others and their well-being. I LOVE coaching others to breakthrough their negative self-restricting barriers and getting them to become healthy, whole and complete. Anyone can become Visibly Fit™ as long as they have the will and desire to take the simple daily action steps necessary for personal success!

Who is your favorite role model?

My favorite role model is Jesus Christ. Not in a religious way, but in a spiritual way! He led by example all the fruits of the Spirit. Love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. I will never master them all in a lifetime, but I’m sure going to spend my life trying!

Ten years from now where do you see yourself?

Continuing with my TV show(s), coaching and speaking, but on a greater and larger platform to reach the hurt, the sick, and the hopeless. To give them guidance and tools to become Visibly Fit™ in all areas of their life. We are a world hungry for healing. I plan on writing more books and producing more fitness DVDs. I would love to open faith-based retreat centers that offer healing and teaching programs.

How do you maintain work and life balance?

Most days are pretty good, but I have my moments just like anyone else. The key is consistency and routine within my work and life maintenance. The balance scale may be off one day and back on track the next. But, the only reason it gets back on track is because I recognize when there is a tilt of the scale. Denial is the death of work/life balance. My best tip: Schedule yourself daily in your calendar. You are a very important appointment!
Fun stuff:

Favorite Book (s):
I like to read! Today, my favorite book is Spirit Driven Success by Dani Johnson. Tomorrow I may have a new favorite! 🙂

Favorite Musician (s):
I have an appreciation for most genres of music, but really get in a dancing mood when listening to Michael Buble!

Favorite Movie (s):
Under the Tuscan Sun and Inception

Favorite Actor (s):
Leonardo Dicaprio and Hugh Jackman

Favorite Sport (s):
Football (to watch) Golf, Tennis, Swimming and Snow Skiing

Favorite Athlete (s):
Dara Torres, Tiger Woods and my son (soon to be pro-golfer) 🙂

Favorite TV Show (s):
I don’t watch tons of television, but I’ll catch a Survivor episode here and there or Celebrity Apprentice and Shark Tank.

Favorite Place (s):
Lake Tahoe and Cabo San Lucas

Favorite Website (s):






Favorite Restaurant (s):
Mill Valley Kitchen in St. Louis Park, MN. Everything is Organic and so fresh!

Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a four pound Brussels-Griffon/Poodle mix. She’s a sweetie!

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