Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore loves to inspire and empower others! She is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, model, actress, volunteer and beauty queen. Though nearly all of her pageant experience happened after the point she was a Mrs., she was Little Miss Tee-Ball in 1976. After a very, very long hiatus of 26 years, she competed and won the title of Mrs. Ohio America 2002 and was a Top 10 finisher at Mrs. America. After another decade-long break from competing, she won the titles of Ohio’s Perfect Woman 2011 and America’s Perfect Woman 2011.

What’s your current profession?
I run More Marketing, a public relations consultancy. I have also been acting and modeling since my teens.

Do you have a website?

What are your top 3 achievements?
I hope I have not already had my Top 3 achievements. Life is about adventure and stretching yourself to achieve your ever- evolving dreams and goals. So, while Achievements #1 and #2 will likely remain tops throughout my lifetime, I think I’ll better be able to determine Achievement #3 60 years from now. But, to date, I’d have to say 1) the births of and raising my two wonderful children; 2) my partnership with my incredible husband David and 3) being crowned America’s Perfect Woman because it gives me a powerful platform to motivate and inspire others.

Tell us about your educational background?
I graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Journalism. After graduation, I went back at night to Columbus College of Art and Design to focus on Fine Arts.

Tell us more about your family, with whom you are closest?
My entire family is close. We all still live in the same city and we get together regularly. But, I’m closest with my husband and kids. We commit to eating dinner together as a family every night. I realize I am fortunate to be able to have this time and know that it’s invaluable.

What kind of modeling/spokesperson projects have you done?
I have been modeling since I was a teenager. I started doing dance catalogues as I was spotted at a dance competition. Soon after, I started doing TV commercials. There’s not much I haven’t done from print to industrial to TV commercials and more. I’ve modeled for DSW, Express, Carol Wior, Holiday Casino’s, Gildan, Front Gate catalogues, Trek Bikes, Lia Sophia and numerous others. Plus, I was a Made Coach for MTV’s Made and I also was Diane Lane’s stand-in for the Disney movie Secretariat.

Do you have any interest in politics?
I’m a republican. I have an interest in people being part of the process and informed when they vote. I think there’s such a danger to the fact that we receive our news in headlines and ads and make decisions based on sound bites.

What’s your dream job?
The job I have but I wouldn’t mind being a best-selling author one day : )

Who is your favorite role model?
My mother. She’s beautiful and selfless. She taught me to value substance over flash, eternity over today and inner beauty over superficial.

Ten years from now where do you see yourself?
Hopefully as a best-selling author, writing full- time and coordinating Girl Power courses nationwide.

Fun stuff:

Favorite Book (s):
Heaven, by Randy Alcorn

Favorite Musician (s):

Favorite Movie (s):
Adjustment Bureau – I like the thought that our paths are “divinely” shaped to accomplish a greater plan we ultimately control

Favorite Actor (s):
Michelle Pfeiffer, she’s beautiful, talented and timeless.

Favorite Sport (s):
Fitness Training

Favorite Athlete (s):
Tony Horton of P90x, Jillian Michaels – I consider these terrific trainers hard core athletes!

Favorite TV Show (s):
Dancing with the Stars

Favorite Place (s):
Antigua, Hawaii

Favorite Website (s):
Gilt Group (www.Gilt.com)

Favorite Restaurant (s):
My house : ) My husband is the most amazing chef ever!

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