Dr. Kellie Lightbourn

Dr. Kellie Lightbourn is a nationally recognized Television Host, Attorney, Author, and Motivational Speaker. For over a decade, Kellie has been an acclaimed on-air personality locally at ABC Action News and nationally on Lifetime Television’s hit shows “Designing Spaces” & “Kids Spaces.” Over her career she has interviewed political leaders, CEOs, authors and celebrities.

And as the founder of two national not for profit programs, the National Humane Society and the Teen Edge, she has been repeatedly honored for her humanitarian endeavors. Including special recognition by the President of the United States for her work with the National Humane Society. The “Lifetime Volunteer Services Award” is the highest honor awarded by the President.

Today, her nonprofit program Teen Edge provides life-changing leadership and life training skills to thousands of inner-city youth and aspiring young leaders worldwide.

What’s your current profession?
Inspiring others to find their greatness! We all have a gift and mine happens to be the ability to see and nurture a person’s unique potential.

Do you have a website?
With the age of technology, I have several www.kellielightbourn.com, www.theteenedge.com, www.americasmodelteen.com, and www.BeYOUtyClub.com

What are your top 3 achievements?
1) Raising healthy, well-adjusted children who are prepared to contribute their own unique gifts to the world.
2) Starting two nationally recognized non-profit programs: The National Humane Society and Teen Edge.
3) Being Happy!!!!

Tell us about your educational background.
I love to learn and grow… Formal education has provided a base to explore so many different facets of life… But, it is through my LIFE Lessons that I have discovered life’s true meaning!

  • Ph. D. – Doctor of Philosophy
  • J.D. – Doctor of Jurisprudence
  • M.A. – Masters Degree Marriage and Family Counseling
  • B.A. – Bachelor of Arts Degree Journalism

Tell us more about your family, with whom you are closest?
Love this question… Because my favorite thing to talk about is my family!

I have been with my husband for 16 years and together we are the proud parents of 4- year-old twins, Landyn & Nicholas. Landyn is always dancing and loves to perform. She is excited about learning new things and exploring the world. And Nicholas is the athlete in the family. He is always super busy and loves to learn through hands on activity. As a family, we are constantly sharing experiences and supporting each other in the world.

What kind of philanthropic/fundraising work have you done?
Volunteering isn’t something I do… It is who I am! So, honestly I couldn’t begin to list all the charities I play a vital role in. Obviously, I am passionate about Teen Edge and the National Humane and give countless hours every week to those causes.
But after my twins were born prematurely and faced possible disabilities, I became a huge advocate for people with disabilities.

Currently, I’m the spokesperson for Early Step working to promote early intervention for children at risk of developmental disabilities. I also sit on the Board of Director for Infants and Young Children, serving children with disabilities. I work with several other organizations including Shriners Childrens Hospitals, MacDonald Training Center, and other not for profit programs designed to serve people with disabilities.

What are your favorite platforms or which charitable organizations you admire most?
The Teen Edge! There is nothing more powerful than empowering young adults. As one person my reach is limited, through Teen Edge we’ve been able to create a program that reaches countless teens and tweens.

Special Awards or Achievements:

  • President’s Lifetime Service Award–Presidential Award given for Lifetime Achievements for my National/International work with children. Founded two national charities and logged over 4,000 volunteer hours. (National Humane Society & Teen Edge)
  • Advocate of the Year – Infants and Young Children (Non-profit program providing government funded services to children with special needs.)
  • Early Steps Spokesperson – Selected by the Consortium for Children with Disabilities as the Official Spokesperson.
  • Excellence in Action Award – Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resource System and the Public School System
  • Volunteer of the Year– National Humane Society (National Award)
  • Woman of the Year – Eckerd’s 100 Women of the Year (National Award)

Do you have any interest in politics?
One thing I learned in Law School is never discuss politics… So, as they say in my business “No Comment.” 🙂

What’s your dream job?
Mom! After struggling with infertility for almost a decade, being “mom” to two exceptional kids is certainly my dream job.

Who is your favorite role model?
My 4 year-old daughter Landyn. I know it sounds crazy but she is the person I truly want to be more like. She looks at the world with such innocence and possibility. She has no boundaries… no expectations. She approaches life with a fresh and powerful view. Landyn sees things how they are, not through her past experiences.

When I talk with her, I’m constantly reminded how good and magnificent the world
is. Her wisdom comes from her basic instincts, which is something as adults we often ignore. She has sparked a new sense of adventure in my life, inspiring me to tear down my boundaries and view the rest of my life with unlimited possibilities!

Favorite Book (s)
“Pit Bull in a Poodle Suit, Secrets to an Authentic and Powerful Life,” which is set to release Early 2013! Author: Kellie Lightbourn, Esq. Ph.D.

Favorite Restaurant (s)
“Mom’s Place” and no I’m not talking about my mom. Cathy’s (aka Mom) cooking is so good; I eat there at least 4 times a week. So, if you make it to Tampa, Florida you have to swing by Mom’s Place on Dale Mabry, tell her Kellie sent you. This place is legendary! In fact, it was the regular hang out for George Steinbrenner and you never know which Yankee will stop by for some good old fashion cooking.

Do you have any pets?
We have a 100 lb. Doberman named “Achilles”, who also doubles as a black stallion for my son Nicholas during playtime. Nicholas loves to ride him and it is amazing to see how they have bonded over the years. My son doesn’t speak but they seem to speak their own language. It is so much fun to watch the two boys play together!

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